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Chicken Tikka is the most celebrated dish in the world. This is a very easy recipe and the margination can be used for any other meat or even for any vegetable. The right quantity and quality of ingredients will make this is a perfect dish.

This dish is better when served with onions and Mint Chutney. Chicken tikka can be cooked either in oven (set oven time according to your convection timer) or griller.

It is easy to cook and a healthy way of cooking, you do not need to count on calories. And on a sunny day, gather friends and cook to your heart content.


Cooking Time: 30 mins

Preparation Time: 20 mins


Chicken- ½ Kg

Yogurt -1 cup

Ginger & Garlic paste – 2tbsp

Coriander powder – 1tbsp

Chicken Tikka powder – 3 tbsp

Chilli powder – 1tbsp

Chaat masala 2tsp

Lime juice – 1tbsp

Salt as required

Coriander leaves handful (optional)


Cut chicken into small cubes, try to remove bones so that will make it easy for people to eat. Take the cut pieces into a bowl and add all the ingredients, mix them well add little oil (optional).

Marinate the pieces for 4 hours or overnight.  I prefer to marinate the chicken overnight as it gets tastier.

If you are marinating the chicken overnight, place the bowl in refrigerator and before grilling the pieces make sure that the chicken is in room temperature.

Pierce the chicken pieces to skewers and place them in the oven. Keep rotating the skewers every 10 mins to make sure that they are cooked on all the sides. Apply butter to the pieces once and this is again optional.

If you are using a grilling pan to grill the chicken tikka, than heat the pan on medium heat and apply butter or some oil, start placing the pieces on the grille and turn it on side to make sure they are equally cooked.

Serve them hot with mint chutney, sliced onions and garnish it with coriander.

Squeeze lemon slightly on the pieces before taking a bite.




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